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Twin Vice Paranoral Detectives [entries|friends|calendar]
Twin Vice Paranormal Detectives

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The Story So Far [
5.3.08 - 2.00am

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Title: Twin Vice Paranormal Detectives
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Mystery, Adventure, Romance
Timeframe: Five years after Deathly Hallows
Main Characters: Fred, George, Luna, Nox (OC), Death
Secondary Characters: Percy, Teddy Lupin
Pairings: Fred/Nox, George/Luna

Summary: It is said, by those who have lived to tell the tale, that occasionally on dark, blustery nights, you may meet a man, tall, thin and spidery limbs and if you should recognise him, he will grant you a wish. But Death's offer is no gift. Fred and George are going to learn just that. And they will need all the help they can get.

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New Trailer! [
5.3.08 - 1.48am

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Fanfiction Trailers & Character Bios [
12.21.07 - 10.03pm

Here's the newest trailer for Twin Vice Paranormal Detectives embedded! I had so much fun doing this, except for the nuisance of my failing MovieMaker. Ah well. Clips from HP movies 3, 4 and 5 and The Polar Express, and the 10th Kingdom. I've always imagined Nox to look like Virginia from the 10th Kingdom, plus they have a similar story - both are thrust into a world of magic & mayhem and both fall for an unlikely hero (Nox x Ghostie!Fred & Virginia x Wolf).

Links to previous trailers/'opening titles' (go easy, these are my very first videos!):
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNQpEnkkO6U :: live action video
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-cvFy0LC-g :: anime video (using the Ouran Highschool Host club twins as Fred and George)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSjlBKOqne8 :: anime video, as above ^^=


So here they are! The main characters for Twin Vice Paranormal Detectives. I added Edward's character bio in (Nox's father) - despite being dead, his history is quite integral to the plot.

  • Fred Gideon Weasley [death age.20/m]

    One of our three main protagonists: a "neither-here-nor-there" (ghost) detective with a penchant for pranks and mischief-making. Fred is a level higher on the scale of arrogance and wickedness than his twin, George. He’s also more inclined to jump head-first into danger before checking the situation out. Since the Last War, however, Fred has become a bit more cautious (emphasis on bit). Fred's also a very fierce protector of his family, especially of George and Ginny, and often clashes with his elder brother Percy (who, since Fred's death, has been going out of his way to be nice to him). Fred initially treats his new Muggle boss, Nox Wolf, like a spoiled brat would a new toy, but over their casebooks he becomes very fond of her.

  • George Fabian Weasley [25/m]

    A sly, cunning and slippery customer, George is always one step ahead of the rest. But despite being the less boisterous twin, George has a temper that, when ignited, is far more fierce than Fred's. In the years since his twin's death, George has become more serious and a bit more introverted - this change in his personality, however, has only been noted by the people closest to him. George is very warm and loving of his family and friends, and feels very responsible for his twin’s death (having been fighting elsewhere in the castle when the wall exploded), and is determined to do everything in his power to save Fred’s soul. George is immediately aware that Nox's presence in Weasley Manor might mean trouble in the future for Fred.

  • Nox Gertrude Wolf [24/f]

    An introverted Scottish Muggle with a surprising love for money. The daughter of an extremely mismatched couple (a paranormal detective and a fashion consultant), Nox is clumsy, scatter-brained, but very focused on her work. She is also a realist with a strong sense of honour and justice, and strongly believes that every bizarre or strange occurrence can be rationally explained. While Nox is very perceptive and understanding of the characters around her, she is completely clueless to her own needs (e.g. friendship, family, romance, a stylish wardrobe). Having grown up with a narcissistic mother, a slightly eccentric father, and his eerie chain-smoking business partner, Nox should be used to Fred and George's antics. But then, she's never met a wizard and a ghost before. Despite having a Squib for a dad, Nox grew up knowing nothing about the magical world until a strange man in a mauve top hat handed her a slip of paper with directions to Weasley Manor.

  • Luna Lovegood [22/f]

    The eccentricities of Fred and George pale in comparison to Luna Lovegood. A Naturalist and somewhat of a loner, Luna is often seen wandering around by herself with her nose stuck in a book or The Quibbler. She is open-minded and thoughtful, and possesses a great understanding of the words and actions of the people around her. Luna doesn't often share her thoughts, but when she does you'll probably fall out of your seat. Luna can be blunt when you least expect it. Having very little experience of Muggles, she takes a great interest in Nox. She is also secretly very fond of George Weasley, and has been so since her years studying at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

  • The Grim Reaper, Azrael, the Angel of Death, The Messenger, The Dark Angel, Caithion (He prefers the last one) [Millennia or so. He was here when the whole thing started/m]

    Tall, pale and Irish. His job? The Harbinger of Death (one of a few, but he’s the most famous) and secretary for Twin Vice Paranormal Detectives agency. Sarcastic and cynical, yet also warm and grounded. He cannot abide fools (but pranksters he’ll tolerate) and has a general disdain for anything and everything, except, of course, Albus Dumbledore, Nox Wolfe and her father, Mad Rozza. Enjoys elaborate mind-games, very secretive (for obvious reasons) and does nothing without a real reason. Caithion became McRozen’s business partner and close friend, and after his disappearance, continued to serve Nox in the same capacity as her father.

  • Edward Balthazar McRozen [45/m]

    A portly, eccentric and exuberant Squib, Edward McRozen (or "Mad Rozza") is the father of Nox Wolf and ran a Paranormal Detectives agency in Edinburgh; a business venture his reluctant daughter would later shoulder. Despite being a Squib, Edward had in his possession a brilliant ability of detecting 'Shatter Points' or 'Fate Lines' - a term used to describe an event or occurrence that could affect future events or destinies of certain individuals. Edward was therefore vital to the anti-Voldemort movement over 1996-97. On the night of the Battle of Hogwarts, Edward vanished and it was assumed by all in the magical world that he had been killed.

    Edward was married to a Muggle woman, Electra Wolf (also known as The Cow) for a very brief period and was broken-hearted when she divorced him for her aerobics instructor. Edward never got over her and loves his daughter, who decided to stay with him after the divorce, very dearly. Edward was good friends with Arthur Weasley and Xenophilius Lovegood.
    Oh, and Death.
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    Welcome to Twin Vice Paranormal Detective Agency [
    10.11.07 - 8.46pm

    [ mood | amused ]

    Right, so this is my journal for my fanfic, "Twin Vice Paranormal Detectives". Bit of a mouthful, ay? lol, I think I was going for a ye olde feel with the title. It makes me think of the 1930s for some reason...

    Title: Twin Vice Paranormal Detectives
    Fandom: Harry Potter
    Rating: PG-13
    Genre: Mystery/Romance
    Pairing(s): Fred/OC, George/Luna

    Summary: Five years after DH, George and a ghostly Fred purchase a new house in London, one that's been missing from Ministry records for a 100 years. What links the twins new home to Salazar Slytherin? And how can Fred escape its curse?

    I'm a Scottish student taking a gap year, so this fic is keeping me amused for the time being. I take my inspiration from quirky old British folklore (I hike a lot in the Highlands, so I get a lot of my stories from strange old bearded men sitting by log fires in pubs tucked between the mountains ^^). Anyway, I thought I'd start this journal so's not to clog my other journal up with story plots and character rants/relationships.

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    Testing post [
    10.8.07 - 12.18am

    testing testing...
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