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Twin Vice Paranoral Detectives

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Twin Vice Paranormal Detectives
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Community for the fanverse surrounding "Twin Vice Paranormal Detectives", Post-Deathly Hallows novel

This is a community for fans of the novel-length Harry Potter fanfiction, "Twin Vice Paranormal Detectives", its' spin-offs, fanart, trailers, music videos etc.

Here you will find information pertaining too the TVPDverse, chapter alerts, drabbles and other fanworks by Starkiller and other authors related to the story.

Fans of the Weasley twins are more than welcome to come and chat here, but please be respectful of other users and make sure you not to spam the community. In addition, please be aware that this is a Post Deathly Hallows fanfiction there will be plenty spoilers floating about.

The TVPD -verse was created by Starkiller with the aid of Caith, and beta reader BloodRayne.


  • Fred Gideon Weasley (1 April 1978 - 2 May 1998) was a pure-blood wizard and son of Molly and Arthur Weasley. One of our three main protagonists, Fred returned from the dead under mysterious circumstances which may appear to be linked to the curse Weasley Manor places on his soul. Now an undead Paranormal Detective with a remaining penchant for pranks and mischief-making, Fred has only a year to break the curse before his soul is exorcised and he becomes one of the shadow folk of Grigheim, the city at the other end of the tombstone 'where not even the bone-fires burn'.

    Fred is a level higher on the scale of arrogance and wickedness than his twin, George. He’s also more inclined to jump head-first into danger before checking the situation out. Since the Last War, however, Fred has become a bit more cautious (emphasis on bit). Fred's also a very fierce protector of his family and those he deems weaker than him, and often clashes with his elder brother Percy (who, since Fred's death, has been going out of his way to be nice to him). Fred initially treats his new Muggle boss, Nox Wolfe, like a spoiled brat would a new toy, but over their casebooks he becomes very fond of her. But everyone knows it is impossible for a ghost to love the living.

  • George Fabian Weasley [24/m]. A sly, cunning and slippery customer, George is always one step ahead of the rest. But despite being the less boisterous twin, George has a temper that, when ignited, is far more fierce than Fred's. In the years since his twin's death, George has become more serious and a bit more introverted - this change in his personality, however, has only been noted by the people closest to him. George is very warm and loving of his family and friends, and feels very responsible for his twin’s death (having been fighting elsewhere in the castle when the wall exploded), and is determined to do everything in his power to save Fred’s soul. George is immediately aware that Nox's presence in Weasley Manor might mean trouble in the future for Fred.

  • Gertrude Nox Wolfe [23/f]. is the daughter of the famed Paranormal Detective, magi-philosopher and Squib, Edward Balthazar McRozen (nicknamed by the British tabloids "Mad Rozza") and his Muggle ex-wife, Electra Wolfe. Nox was in the process of completing her detective training when the war broke out during 1997-98. Though unbeknownst to her, the war deeply affected her life. With the mysterious disappearance of her father, Nox inherited both Edward's Paranormal Detective agency and hefty debts.

    An introverted Muggle, Nox is clumsy and generally quite scatter-brained, but nonetheless is very focused and dedicated to her work. She is a strong realist with a deep sense of honour and justice, and fiercely believes that every bizarre or strange occurrence can be rationally explained. This obviously flies in the face of the Weasley twins' philosophy. While Nox might be a bit withdrawn, her curiosity often gets the better of her.

  • Luna Lovegood[22/f]. The eccentricities of Fred and George pale in comparison to Luna Lovegood. A Naturalist and somewhat of a loner, Luna is often seen wandering around by herself with her nose stuck in a book or The Quibbler. She is open-minded and thoughtful, and possesses a great understanding of the words and actions of the people around her. Luna doesn't often share her thoughts, but when she does you'll probably fall out of your seat. Luna can be blunt when you least expect it. Having very little experience of Muggles, she takes a great interest in Nox. She is also secretly very fond of George Weasley, and has been so since her years studying at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

  • Caithion Sidhe (Pronounced 'Shee') [Unknown/m]. Once upon a time, he was the business partner of one Edward Balthezar McRozen. Now, Caithion is Ed’s daughter Nox’s secretary, confidant, and occasional job finder. A chain smoker who loathes small children, tourists, and everything in between, Caithion is a hard man to please and a harder man to impress. His age is unknown, his past a complete blank, though he speaks with an Irish lilt. Although Caithion has had several encounters with magic spells, items, and creatures, he doesn’t seem to notice - or perhaps he simply doesn’t care. A 'daft muggle' who keeps managing to walk right through Fred Weasley's ghost. Fred doesn’t trust him, George doesn’t like him, and Caithion’s agenda is his own - and it probably has something to do with the massive cloth-covered mirror he added to his office space inside Weasley Manor...


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