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Welcome to Twin Vice Paranormal Detective Agency

Right, so this is my journal for my fanfic, "Twin Vice Paranormal Detectives". Bit of a mouthful, ay? lol, I think I was going for a ye olde feel with the title. It makes me think of the 1930s for some reason...

Title: Twin Vice Paranormal Detectives
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Mystery/Romance
Pairing(s): Fred/OC, George/Luna

Summary: Five years after DH, George and a ghostly Fred purchase a new house in London, one that's been missing from Ministry records for a 100 years. What links the twins new home to Salazar Slytherin? And how can Fred escape its curse?

I'm a Scottish student taking a gap year, so this fic is keeping me amused for the time being. I take my inspiration from quirky old British folklore (I hike a lot in the Highlands, so I get a lot of my stories from strange old bearded men sitting by log fires in pubs tucked between the mountains ^^). Anyway, I thought I'd start this journal so's not to clog my other journal up with story plots and character rants/relationships.
Tags: fred weasley, fred weasley fanfiction, fred/oc, george weasley, george/luna, harry potter fanfiction
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